Pregnancy is a time of many changes, and chiropractic sessions may help relieve the discomfort caused by a growing and stretching body. We at Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic serve those in the Chanhassen, MN, area. We offer prenatal care to aid and assist in comfortably carrying your child while pregnant.

Chiropractor Pregnancy Care Is Safe

The chiropractic adjustments that we use are designed for pregnant mothers and can help you give support to your head, neck, pelvis, and legs while accommodating a pregnant belly. Techniques used during this time are gentle and help allow for subtle modifications to spinal alignment, aimed at improving a woman’s back function. Prenatal guidelines can help ensure appropriate treatment is given at every stage of gestation.

Sciatica can be a common issue for pregnant women, as this nerve will experience an increased workload as the growing child grows heavier. In addition, the center of gravity will move downward, sometimes causing irritation to the sciatic nerve. This can lead to radiating pain that extends to the extremities of the legs and the buttocks and can also be the source of numbness or tingling. Chiropractic prenatal care may help relieve this condition and may help remove the need for drugs to dull the pain.

Preparing for Childbirth with Chiropractor Visits

It can be important for a woman’s body to have the help it needs for the upcoming birth of her baby. As such, prenatal care may help prepare her for the rigors of childbirth, which might help alleviate excessive pain and the need for interventions.

This may be especially important for mothers who wish to have a natural birth. Specific adjustments can help encourage the baby to give a smoother and less painful pregnancy.

How You Can Prepare for Pregnancy

If you are not yet pregnant, it may be helpful to obtain x-rays to show your current spinal alignment, as this might help your chiropractor identify problems that may develop later. You may be able to deal with the pains of pregnancy more easily with chiropractic modifications that may help adjust the top bone in the spine.

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