Do you suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems? Are you sick of chronic pain? Would you like to resolve your health condition? You might be surprised to learn that nutrition holds the key to addressing your needs. At Chanhassen Wellness ChiropracticDr. Kennedy is certified in Nutrition Response Testing. He can determine your individual needs and create the nutrition plan that’s right for you.

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Learning About Your Needs

Dr. Kennedy utilizes muscle testing to determine if you can benefit from having a particular nutrient added to your diet. Your body will even tell us how much you need to take. A bottle of vitamins may say to take six per day, but we can find out if that recommendation is accurate for you. We can determine if you have a sensitivity to dairy, wheat or other foods. He can also determine if there is an infection, heavy metal, chemicals affecting your body.

We’ll have you fill out a food journal for a time to see what your intake is every day. From this information, we’ll create your nutrition plan.

Your Personalized Plan

You’ll see us once a week for about six weeks after we’ve made the prescribed changes to your diet. You may need to eat more of a certain food and will be given supplements that support your body’s healing process. After six weeks, you’ll visit us about once a month for a follow-up visit.

Our Well-Known Brands

We carry Ortho Molecular Products, Energetix, and Standard Process. The lines we supply are ones that we stand by and have tried ourselves. They’re of the highest quality and are incredibly effective.