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Chiropractic care is a part of the whole patient care system centered on optimizing health and wellness. With a chiropractor Chanhassen MN, we team up to spend time listening to and understanding the unique needs of every patient to establish a complimentary care plan that gets to the root cause of problems, not simply masking symptoms. 

Care at our clinic may involve safe and gentle chiropractic adjustments that encourage spinal correction or corrective exercises that help train your body to operate more efficiently and with less pain. Technology such as electric muscle stimulation and laser therapy help assist in bringing your body back to health. Nutrition and lifestyle guidance by our experts are designed to encourage healthy habits and correct problem issues. Our clinic is ready to serve not just adults but health at any age, from prenatal care to pediatrics to senior care too.

    Chiropractic Services

    Chiropractic services extend beyond simple spinal stimulation to treat a wide variety of complaints as well as support preventative health habits. Explore our available services, including the following:

    • Applied Kinesiology – dedicated muscle testing and evaluation to treat multiple complaints
    • Chiropractic Care – evaluation and assessment by a trained chiropractor
    • Chiropractic Adjustments – spinal corrections designed to optimize health and correct complaints
    • Cold Laser Therapy – low-intensity laser therapy that encourages healing without heating the surrounding tissue
    • Corrective Exercises – physical therapy-based exercise designed to correct problem behaviors
    • Electric Muscle Stimulation – therapeutic muscle stimulation using gentle electrical pulses
    • Chiropractic Functional Neurology – chiropractic care relating to the nervous system and nervous system disorders
    • Interactive Metronome Therapy – mental training exercises designed to help reduce anxiety and stress
    • Lifestyle Advice –  guidance on creating healthier habits for both mind and body health
    • Nutritional Counseling – expert advice to support healthier eating and nutritional support for problem conditions
    • Orthotics – corrective support for spine and posture
    • Pediatric Care – children’s chiropractic care working to alleviate problem complaints as well as support healthy growth
    • Prenatal Care – alleviating pain and stress to help manage a healthy and happy pregnancy

    The scope of our holistic treatments may incorporate just one of these services or many depending on patient needs. When the goal is to achieve health, we keep as many gentle and non-invasive tools in our treatment toolbox as we can. 

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