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                         Laser Therapy


What if you could make a significant difference in your pain levels? There are many benefits of laser therapy:

 - Enhancing tissue repair

 - Improving cellular energy production

 - Increasing blood flow

 - Reducing free radical production and oxidative stress

 - Decreasing inflammation

- Available at Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic, laser therapy can provide the relief you’ve been seeking.

Our Three Lasers

We offer three separate forms of laser technology, used depending on what your particular needs are. The first is a Zerona, a laser that was created for fat loss, decreasing inflammation and healing your gut. The second is called an Fx635. This laser works well for depression and anxiety. It’s FDA-approved to address any type of pain in the body. Finally, the EVRL laser has red and violet rays that target infections and heal the body’s organs.

Who Can Benefit From Laser Therapy?

In clinical studies, laser therapy has been shown to benefit a broad range of concerns, such as

  •  Acute and chronic concussion symptoms
  •  Auto accident injuries
  •  Bedwetting
  •  Burns
  •  Constipation and diarrhea
  •  Depression and anxiety
  •  Fat loss
  •  Headaches/migraines
  •  Healing from surgeries
  •  Herniated discs & sciatica
  •  Knee pain
  •  Mastitis
  •  Shingles/herpes zoster
  •  Shoulder pain
  •  Spinal pain
  •  Sports injuries
  •  Traumatic brain injuries
  •  Trigeminal neuralgia

How a Cold Laser Works

Laser is light amplification at specific wavelengths that have been scientifically proven to create
healing properties in human cells. The laser stimulates the mitochondria to produce more energy by donating protons. When the body has more energy, it allows your body to heal faster.

How The Zerona Cold Laser Works

Learn more here: Zerona Cold Laser

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