Are you experiencing heel pain that’s making it difficult to enjoy life? It might be due to plantar fasciitis. Learn more through these questions answered by our team at Chanhassen Wellness Chiropractic in Chanhassen, MN.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Like the rest of the body, the feet have ligaments. One is the plantar fascia, which runs along the bottom to connect the heel to the foot. Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the fascia is swollen or inflamed.

How does it develop?

Anything that puts too much pressure on this ligament can cause plantar fasciitis. Flat feet and high arches are two common causes. Others include repetitive force, such as running and other high-impact activities.

What are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis?

At its core, plantar fasciitis is characterized by pain and stiffness in the heel. How exactly those present themselves can vary from person to person. For some, it will be a dull ache. Others might feel a burning or sharp pain. It might show up over time, or you might notice it suddenly after an activity, like running or working on your feet all day. Some people feel the symptoms the most when they first wake up and take their first few steps. It can make it difficult to walk in some cases.

What can I do about the condition?

Those with this condition want relief. It can impact your quality of life. You can reduce pain by resting your foot, icing it, and trying gentle stretches. However, if it hasn’t subsided within a week, it’s a good idea to see your chiropractor.

What can a chiropractor do?

Our chiropractor can help determine where the pain originates. It could be anything from not wearing supportive shoes to the natural structure of your feet. On the other hand, it could be due to an undiagnosed misalignment that causes you to put more weight on one foot than the other. Regardless, our chiropractor can help through various methods, including corrective exercises, custom orthotics, alignments, and soft tissue therapy.

Find Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Our Chiropractor

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