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Cranial Therapies and Food Sensitivites

A baby was having trouble latching while breastfeeding and constantly spitting up. Because of these issues, she was having trouble gaining weight. Her mom and pediatrician were getting very concerned.

First, we started with cranial therapy. Cranial therapy involves very gently pushing on the bones in the head to get the bones to move properly. In the first picture appearing below, I am pushing up on the inside of the mouth to prove her
sucking ability.

Chiropractic Cranial Therapy Test

Then I tested for food sensitivities and caffeine showed up. Once mom stopped drinking caffeine and taking digestive enzymes, the baby stopped spitting up. Lastly, we did chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy to her jaw and now she is gaining weight and latching 90% of the time. 

Baby Post Chiropractic Treatment

Pediatric Chiro Adjustments and Laser Therapy

The baby was having a hard time latching, constantly spitting up, trouble gaining weight, and was colicky. After five
chiropractic and laser treatments, she is doing great, latching all the time, no more spitting up, and gaining weight. Mom was getting headaches, shoulder pain, and mastitis. All of her symptoms are gone as well.
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