Dr. Michael Kennedy

Changing From Engineering to Chiropractic

In Dr. Kennedy’s younger years, he suffered from a broken arm. A physical therapist helped him regain the motion in his arm so he could return to playing sports. Though intrigued by the profession, Dr. Kennedy followed the advice of his high school career counselor. Our chiropractor decided to become an engineer. After taking some courses, he realized that it wasn’t for him.

Dr. Kennedy went to the school’s career center. There, he entered his likes and dislikes into a computer. When he read “Chiropractors help heal patients using their hands without drugs or surgery,” he thought, that is exactly what I want to do! He then shadowed a few chiropractors to see what chiropractic was all about and instantly fell in love. Later, a shoulder injury caused him to see a chiropractor. “The pain relief was instant. Even more surprising, the chiropractor used muscle testing to determine that he was sensitive to dairy.”

Removing dairy from his diet made a tremendous impact on Dr. Kennedy. More than 40 warts on his hands and feet went away even after he tried getting them frozen off three separate times and his acne started to clear up.

He knew he’d found his calling to be a healer!

On a Learning Journey

Dr. Kennedy earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. There, he learned a variety of techniques, including Applied Kinesiology. This technique relieved pain Dr. Kennedy had in his shoulders and low back. He went on to become president of the school’s Applied Kinesiology club.

After graduating from chiropractic school, running a new practice was more stressful than he expected. Dr. Kennedy had a health crisis where his wrists ached. He had mid-back, knee and shoulder pain. Dr. Kennedy also experienced high blood pressure, low energy, and was not able to run more than a mile without pain. He visited a chiropractor who practiced Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).

Through NRT, Dr. Kennedy learned that he needed to remove wheat from his diet and support his heart health. After a few months of these changes his pain diminished and he was able to run again without pain.

A few years later, he started to experience symptoms from concussions which happened from his sports activities in high school. Symptoms included dizziness, light and sound sensitivities, and difficulty with night driving. One day while driving his kids to school he was almost in a car accident. He knew he needed to do something so he saw a chiropractic neurologist. This made such a huge impact in his life the he bought a laser and started learning and implementing chiropractic neurology.

An Active Family

Dr. Kennedy and his wife, Ashley, have four young children: daughter Myla, twin boys Zachary and Elijah, and their youngest son, Joseph, who keep them busy. They love to spend time outside. The family also enjoys going to the library, playing in the leaves, sledding or going to the beach depending on the season.

Dr. Kennedy loves to volunteer his services. He provides care to the walkers in the annual Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk event.

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